What is Wallet Shopee?

Wallet Shopee is software duly linked with Mobile App and Website, to equip business with one of strongest tool of increasing sale, called as Cashback Scheme. Through Wallet Shopee App or Website, even a small Retailer or bigger Company can configure Cashback scheme and give to their customers. This software facilitate both giving and redemption of Cashback to the customer

Who is partner?

Partner is a business entity, it can be a retailer/wholesaler / partnership firm/ private limited company/public limited company

Who is Customer?

Customer is a person to whom Partner want to give Cashback thru Wallet Shopee App/Website

Who can become Partner?

Any Business Entity who wants to give Cashback to his/her customer can become partner

How can I register for becoming Wallet Shopee Partner?

It’s very simple, one has to download App or visit Website and needs to follow below process

  1. Sign up by filling basic details like Name, Mobile Number, E mail id
  2. App will prompt for mobile verification thru OTP
  3. On successful registration thru OTP, you will be moved to next screen and will require to fill business details like name of business, nature of business, business address

Upon completion of above mentioned steps, you will be successfully registered as Partner

Is just by becoming partner, I can give Cashback to my customer?

No, for giving Cashback to customer, you need to configure Cashback scheme thru Wallet Shopee App/Website.

How can I configure Cashback scheme

Once you successfully registered as partner, home screen will prompt you to configure your Cashback scheme. Click on “Configure You Cashback Plan”, it will open “Scheme Configuration Screen”. Please fill the detail desired therein and save it. Once form is saved, scheme configuration request will be moved to Admin who will approve it.

What should be the Cashback percentage?

It is purely your decision that how much Cashback you want to give to your customer. It will depend on number of factors, how much margin you are having in your business, how much Cashback or discount your competitor is giving, what is nature of your business, what is size of the purchases  being done by customer etc.

How should I give Cashback to customer after scheme configuration?

After scheme configuration and its approval by Admin, you are now ready to give Cashback to your customer. Just visit home screen and where you will find two icons “New Customer” and “Existing Customer” which has to be used as follow:-

  1. Click on “New Customer” Icon for giving Cashback to customer for first time and fill mobile number, customer name and shopping value, it will automatically create  customer  in  system and give Cashback to customer on saving the
  2. If Cashback is to be given to the existing customer, you need to click on “Existing Customer” Icon. You need to provide customer mobile number and system will provide its opening Cashback wallet and give option to give additional Cashback on fresh

How customer will come to know that Partner has given Cashback?

For every transaction, customer will get SMS giving detail of Cashback earned and Cashback redeemed. Customer can download app or visit website to check his/her Cashback wallet.

How Customer will redeem earned Cashback?

Customer will be able to redeem Cashback on its next purchase as per the terms and condition specified by Partner. Customer will require to pay lesser amount for its next purchase after redemption of Cashback.

Who is responsible for redemption of Cashback to customers?

It is responsibility of the Partner to redeem Cashback to customer which is earned by him/her. Wallet Shopee is only facilitating these transactions thru software platform duly linked with App/Website.